Entre onirisme et réalité contemporaine.

Pierre Baëlen photography


Pierre Baëlen was born in 1981 in South of France.

His interest in photography began when his best friend promised him to have good fun in jumping in devastated buildings during photography courses when he was 14 years old. Surprising by the discover of the The 6x6 camera, His first love quickly became the darkroom where he began experimenting with printing and developing in the family's bathroom.

He attended Orthez’s photography School for Performing & Visual Arts and, from there, went on to attend photography report and experimental in illustration work.

He moved to Paris in 2001.

In October 2001, he began shooting small assignments as freelance photographer. Working and traveling all around the world as first freelance assistant.

During the evolution from large format and digital shooting experimentation in assignement works as first assistant gave him the priceless experience in conptempory photography.

Summer 2011, he became a full time photographer. The main theme of his work revolves around imaginary landscapes, a journey between onirism and contempory reality.

Represented by CREAM / Paris.